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Apoyo estatal impulsa inversión extranjera: ¡$4 mil millones en SLP!

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San Luis Potosí Increases Foreign Direct Investment and Promotes Economic Growth

San Luis Potosí has experienced significant growth in its economy and job creation, thanks to the policies implemented by Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona. According to Juan Carlos Valladares, Secretary of Economic Development (Sedeco), the state attracted $3.76 billion in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2023. Furthermore, there are projections that this figure will surpass the previous year’s numbers in 2024.

During his presentation at the State Congress, Valladares discussed various areas of opportunity, such as education, budget, mobility, automotive development, mining, and crafts. Legislators praised the progress made in economic development and acknowledged Governor Gallardo’s successful economic policies.

Valladares highlighted that 2023 was an important year for investment, with $3.76 billion in direct investment. He expressed the department’s commitment to surpassing this achievement, stating that negotiations for a significant investment are currently underway for 2024.

The Secretary of Sedeco emphasized the department’s ability to generate a significant impact with a modest budget of only $130 million pesos per year. He also emphasized the importance of restructuring the trust fund to ensure the successful implementation of important projects and increased program coverage.

Additionally, Valladares commended San Luis Potosí’s international participation in the Hannover Fair in Germany and the upcoming projections for 2024 in the Middle East. This global exposure allows the state to be involved in decision-making processes with current partners and potential investors.

The efforts led by Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona and his administration have contributed to the state’s economic growth and improved employment opportunities. The increasing foreign direct investment is a positive indicator for the future development of San Luis Potosí.

As young residents of San Luis Potosí, it is important for you to understand the impact of these policies on your daily lives. The economic growth and job creation result in improved opportunities for employment, increased wages, and a stronger local economy. These developments create a better future for all residents of San Luis Potosí.

We encourage you to actively participate in public affairs and engage with the government’s initiatives. By being informed and involved, you can contribute to the positive development of our state. Together, we can continue to build a prosperous and inclusive San Luis Potosí.